C Projects

This Blog is a Way to promote my Projects, my Ideas, my Implementations. All the code is made free for you to test it out, seek inspiration, or to simply use at willfor as long as you don't forget to quote the source.

I prefer to create projects in C/C++, but it doesn't mean it will be the only programming language you'll see here. Why C/C++?  C/C++ it is a lightweight language, and very well indicated to parallelization in General (MP, GPGPU, etc...), or to be used in systems with performance limitations (like old PCs you might have at home, or raspberry pi systems, Arduinos, etc). Other languages like JAVA/Python already have APIs for everybody to use, and those are fairly straightforward to make most of the programming... however, to run some of those programs you need more resources, and I find it not so interesting as coding in C. Personal preference....


"What is it, that motivates ME?"

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well, let me show you what motivates me:






(Watch, it's a must see!)

Projects that change society, that REALLY have an added value to others, that impacts other peoples' lives. That, makes me feel perfect. I am walking on the face of the earth to contribute to something way bigger than me. I'll create something big, and this blog is the showcase of what I've been up to, in the meantime.


In the side column you'll find several projects, so feel free to roam around. Hope you like it  :)

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